Matt and Kim, I really want to thank you for starting your foundation / telling your painful truth. It helps others and makes a difference, when I have a hard time write my discussion post online I turn to you to gain inspiration and strength. I am 59, the daughter of a Vice Admiral ( now deceased). I was sexually abused by my brother 10 years older than I ( let's call it what it was - rape) for a period of 2.5 years, 5-7 or so. My brother had been abusing my sister ( only 2 years older than I) and when she threatened to tell, he turned to me.

My Dad was gone for long periods of time, there were a lot of us (5) and it was chaotic with an ill mom. The heartbreak of incest is that the whole family implodes. Our parents wanted us "to forget about It" and we were not helped in any way. In fairness, there was no Oprah or talk shows or people who even talked about it. My healing began, in earnest, when my daughter turned the age I was when it began and I unraveled when I connected with that little body and the trauma inflicted on me. My healing has come with telling my story whether in training videos for school system personnel when I was a guidance counselor ( Public Schools, Maryland) or sharing links and information about child sexual abuse from Darkness to Light or Peaceful Hearts to educate others. Thank you for making a difference.