​Thanks to Malesurvivor.org for originally compiling this list of resources.

National Resources

National Sexual Assault Hotline
National Sexual Violence Center
Victim/Survivor Support Listing
RAINN Online Hotline
DoD / Military Helpline



American Psychological Association information page on Child Sexual Abuse




State Resources

Arkansas http://acasa.us

Hawaii  http://www.nsvrc.org/organizations/232 Phone: 808 533 1637

Idaho http://www.wcaboise.org/ Hotline only

Indiana  1-800-656-4673

Massachusetts http://www.janedoe.org

Massachusetts http://www.janedoe.org/find_help/for_lgbtqqi GLBTQ Resources

Nebraska http://ndvsac.org

New Jersey http://njcasa.org

New Mexico https://sasnwnm.org

New York http://nyscasa.org

North Carolina http://nccasa.org

North Dakota  http://www.ndcaws.org

Pennsylvania http://www.pcar.org                   http://www.ccwrc.org  Toll Free number: 1-877-234-5050

Rhode Island http://www.dayoneri.org/crisisintervention.htm Only provides a phone number

South Carolina http://www.sccadvasa.org

Washington http://feminist.org/911/resources_tz.html#WAS Scroll Down for Washington

International Resources

British Columbia Society  www.bc-malesurvivors.com


Fylde Coast Men's Support Association 

Victim Support Male Abuse Helpline  0800-328-3623

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Stages of gradual healing

Learn about Judith Herman and Mic Hunter's models for gradual healing and recovery.