Awareness Campaign

Child sexual abuse is a silent epidemic, about which you shouldn't keep silent, but on the contrary, cover, talk about what violence is, from whom, how to fight it, you will find useful materials on 123helpme. Perpetrators operate in the darkness and use the silence of society as a tool to manipulate their victims. This in turn creates a survivor or victim who feels alone. Peaceful Hearts Foundation wants every survivor and victim of child sexual abuse to know that you are not alone and that we believe you. With the help of people like you, the "Proud to support" campaign aims to bring child sexual abuse into the everyday conversation and help educate communities about how to prevent child sexual abuse. Peaceful Hearts envisions this campaign as a visible sign to survivors and victims that they are not alone and that they can come forward and tell their truth. Disclosure is the first step in healing, which does happen.

We ask you to please print the poster or request a poster and bumper sticker and display it in a window in your office, home, or car. Also please consider taking a picture holding the poster and send it to Peaceful Hearts. We want to start a wall of support for victims and survivors of child sexual abuse. By joining us in this campaign we all are taking a step towards destroying the darkness that surrounds child sexual abuse and helping create a community of support and love for survivors and victims. Please also consider making a donation. A donation of $40 will provide one of our volunteers with a Peaceful Hearts Survivor Support Awareness packet that includes 10 posters and stickers.  Our volunteers distribute posters to businesses and high visibility areas in their communities, reminding survivors they are not alone. If you would like a packet to distribute in your community please ask when making your donation. 

When we display these signs of support we must be aware of what that could mean to survivors. They may feel that your office or business is a safe place to disclose and we as supporters must know what to say to an adult survivor who discloses and a child who may be disclosing current abuse. While this may not likely happen, we must all be prepared to help if this situation does arise. Please click the link above for more information. 

Peaceful Hearts also feels it important to note that this campaign is meant to serve as visual support for survivors. Peaceful Hearts does not promote this campaign as a safe zone for children or survivors. We do not vet businesses or homes where signs are displayed. It is strictly meant to raise awareness for education around child sexual abuse and support for survivors to remind them that they are not alone.

If you find yourself, someone you know, or a child in need of help, please visit our resources page to find help in your state.